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One Weird Trick To Make Vim Go Faster On Your Mac

written on Friday, May 02, 2014

I noticed something strange today.

While playing with Ubuntu on a VirtualBox hosted by OS X Mavericks, Vim seems much faster than it being in iTerms2. How could that be? So I took the following steps to test things out:

Nope, Vim is still more responsive on Ubuntu. In fact, text input seem more responsive on this VM than the host OS in general! I thought I came to the light switching to OS X after using Linux as desktop for years, and now this? WTF?

Defeat and confused, I went to the Internet, and found something close to an answer. Under System Preferences-Keyboard, drag the two slide widget ("Key Repeat" and "Deley Until Repeat") to the right most. Suddenly, Vim become faster!

Turns out, key repeating is very important for Vim users.